"Knowing how you want to feel is the most powerful form of clarity you can have."
Danielle La Porte

Behind everything that we want to buy, do, achieve, or be is a feeling -- something we hope to hope when we get there. It's not the result that drives us, but how we want to feel.

Push deeper, and you'll notice that, sometimes, we'll achieve goals and not feel good about them. That's because it's the wrong goal. But we can reverse that process...

Start with how you want to feel first, and then make your decisions!
These are my core desired feelings:

Resonance - like a singing bowl or that song you love. I feel like sound filling space... full, powerful, and calm simultaneously. 

Fascination - like the books that keep you up at night in the best way. I crave and consume things, being ever more curious.

Play - like offering messy arts to adults. No judgement, just laughter and experimentation. The world's our sandbox.

Vitality - like your eyes can see wider and father, like you can jump higher with strength and lightness.

Clarity - like an epiphany, or a book full of highlights. Your words crystallise and they're brief, yet filled with power. 

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