I think we can always use more headshots (with our unique energy and vibrance),  silly midday adventures that somehow fit in an hour, and reminders of who we are when we smile unabashedly. We can do speaker bios, author pages, website full-width splash pages! 

Details: for more beautiful candids...

a comfortable area outside (or in), an hour+
weekday, daytime, CBD
unlimited changes/poses/concepts/etc
energetic, authentic, candid, connected

you and I pick the top 30 for editing!
payable on RSVP paypal or bank, 500 sgd. 


(Other options:)

Another time/day: Prefer weekends, after 5pm, or not-the-CBD-hustle? Let's go somewhere nice.
An hour+.  We pick top 30 for editing. 700 sgd.

Teams/Groups: 5-13 people, 5-10 final images per person. 2 hours on a combination of group and individual shots!  1800sgd. 
(14+ people? 150sgd for each additional person.)

Hubbers/Entrepreneurs:  Let's meet at the Hub (or my location) for a half hour and do all we can!  We pick top 15 for editing. 250 sgd.

Let's connect?

Email and we'll brainstorm concepts for your website, profile, business cards, book, speaker page, or couple's book!

Name *

What's next? Logistics:

Next, we'll figure out what you'd like to capture in a photo -- a look, a feeling, a trait to portray. We'll consider a few different locations for backgrounds, though the focus is always on you.

During the shoot, I'll show you photos as we go, so we can change and adapt what we're doing as needed. If we don't feel like we are getting the energy and photos we want, we can stop right there for a full refund.

The day after the shoot, I'll send you unedited images for you to select your favoyrites to edit. Or, you can just pick a few and let me know that you'd like me to pick the rest! Give me one more day, and you'll have high resolution Happiness is Beautiful portraits in hand, ready to use in your book, website, or profile.